Methadone Program Success Stories

“The great benefit of methadone maintenance is in transition. Taking part in a methadone program means I am more sure of myself and my ability to change my life to continue my recovery. Because of my methadone program, I can transition to a drug-free life and a normal routine without being constantly tempted to start using again.”
-Michael B.

Teen Completing a Methadone Successful Program

“My methadone treatment has simply been lifesaving. After years of using heroin, I was in serious physical trouble, but I couldn’t stop using. I wasn’t sure that a methadone program was right for me – but I was at a point where I didn’t have much choice. Turns out that this ‘no choice’ program was the perfect place for me.”
-Karen M.

"Where do you see successes? You need to go to a methadone-maintenance program. These people are not in jail or the hospital; they're getting meds and going to work.”
-Jesse M.

Happy Teen Celebrating Successful Methadone Treatment

“One of the things that gets overlooked about methadone programs is that it’s not just about the methadone. The medication is fantastic, but the counseling and therapy and accountability are just as important. Methadone is one part of an amazing program that gives people their lives back.”
-Robert B.

“Since the day I first entered my methadone program, I haven’t used heroin one time.”
-Anthony S.

Family Celebrating Successful Methadone Program

“Some people say methadone is just switching one addiction for another. They couldn’t be farther from the truth. When I was using heroin, I was a drug addict. Now that I’m in a methadone program, I’m a guy with a job, a family and a future.”
-Scott S.

“Even though I will always have the disease of addiction, today I am a productive citizen who doesn’t use drugs.”
-Emily W.

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