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Wheeling Clinic

Rural Route 1 Box 256A
Triadelphia, WV 26059
(866) 575-8187

The Wheeling Clinic offers the comprehensive care men and women need to overcome addictions to opiates and other drugs. Whether an individual is seeking methadone detox, Suboxone treatment, a long-term maintenance program or general outpatient addiction treatment, the Wheeling Clinic is able to meet their needs.

Research has shown that methadone and Suboxone are safe and effective for treating opiate addiction. When used as prescribed under the supervision of a physician, both medications block drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms without making the user feel "high." Because patients are in control of their treatment, they work with a team of doctors, nurses and drug counselors to gradually reduce their dose if and when they are ready.

The Wheeling Clinic is located in Triadelphia, West Virginia, and also serves the neighboring communities of Bethlehem, Valley Grove, Benwood, Brideport, Bellaire and many others. Admission is a quick and easy process that requires just one simple phone call.

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