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Indianapolis Clinic

2626 E. 46th St. Suite J
Indianapolis, IN 46205
(866) 575-8187

The Indianapolis Clinic is an outpatient drug treatment center that embraces both quality and affordability in its addiction treatment programs. Whether a patient needs Suboxone detox, methadone treatment, drug counseling or aftercare, the clinic offers a full spectrum of drug rehabilitation services.

Suboxone and methadone are used for opiate detox as well as continuing maintenance treatment, if desired. Patients are in control of their treatment, offering critical input to determine the proper dosage and deciding if and when treatment is complete. In addition to taking medication under the close supervision of a certified physician, patients participate in 12-Step meetings, drug counseling and other therapies.

Getting started is easy. The admissions team is available Monday through Friday to accept new patients and schedule appointments, often next-day. The Indianapolis Clinic serves Indianapolis and all surrounding areas, including Plainfield, Lawrence, Greenwood, Westfield, Lebanon, Franklin and many others.

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  • Outpatient
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Treatments Offered at this Facility:

  • Methadone
  • Suboxone Maintenance
  • Opiate Addiction