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Baton Rouge Clinic

11445 Reiger Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
(866) 575-8187

The Baton Rouge Clinic provides men and women with outpatient drug rehab treatment that is both affordable and highly effective. A skilled team of nurses and drug counselors works with a doctor certified to prescribe methadone to provide each patient with comprehensive care that meets their particular needs.

Methadone has been rigorously tested and proven safe and effective for the treatment of opiate addiction. When used as prescribed under the supervision of a physician, methadone blocks drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms without producing a "high." Patients are in control of their own recovery, working closely with the treatment team to determine the proper dosage and length of treatment.

Located in Louisiana's capital city, roughly 80 miles south of New Orleans, the Baton Rouge Clinic also serves Lafayette, Merrydale, Baker, Shenandoah, Zachary, Kenner and other surrounding areas. Rich in culture, entertainment and history, individuals receiving drug treatment are able to fulfill their daily responsibilities and stay close to home while breaking free from their addictions.

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  • Outpatient
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Treatments Offered at this Facility:

  • Methadone
  • Suboxone Maintenance
  • Opiate Addiction